Space Invaders Extreme Contest!!!



Invaders…possibly from space, are set to take over your Xbox 360 soon. Very soon. But this time, they’re EXTREME! Taito’s reimagining of the arcade classic, which hit the DS and PSP last year as Space Invaders Extreme, will soon be marching on Xbox LIVE Arcade during the first full week of May. Featuring new gameplay enhancements, trippy music and visuals, and brand new co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, it’s sure to be a hit on XBLA. And to celebrate, GamingWithChildren is running a contest! You could win one of two download token codes to play Space Invaders Extreme on your 360 for free! Read on to find out how you can win!

All you have to do to win is take the Taito Ten Trivia Test! I’ve come up with ten tough trivia questions about game company Taito, makers of Space Invaders. But thanks to Google searches, in the inevitable event of a tie, there’s a second part to this challenge. You must also write a short, 50- to 100-word essay describing a fun memory about you sharing a classic video game with family. The entrants with the most correct quiz answers will have their essays read by an impartial judge, someone who doesn’t know much about the GamingWithChildren site or its readers. And the two best essays will have their download codes sent to them via e-mail.

The contest will run from now until Tuesday, May 5, 2009, the day before the game is released on Xbox Live. After the judging, we’ll announce the winners sometime later that week. Winners will also be notified via e-mail with their download codes. E-mail your quiz answers, essay, your name and e-mail address to me (Cary) at “pacmanneo AT hotmail dot com.” And put “Space Invaders” as the subject line on your e-mail.

These download codes will only work if you have an Xbox 360 and a LIVE account with a connection to the Internet, so if you don’t have any of those, it may not be in your best interest to enter the contest. After Tuesday, May 5, I won’t accept any more entries, so make sure to hit the deadline and follow the rules! Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s take the test!


Taito Ten Trivia Test:

1. The Taito puzzler Bust-A-Move is known by another name. What is it?

2. When The New Zealand Story hit the NES in the US, it was re-named what?

3. Taito’s marble maze game was called On The Ball on the US Super Nintendo and Labyrinth on the Nintendo DS in the US. What was the original name of this game?

4. What’s the title of the song played in the very first stage of the Darius arcade game (hint: it was also an unlockable song in Arkanoid DS)?

5. Fill in the blank: “Warning! A Huge ______________, “King Fossil,” is Approaching Fast!”

6. In Japan, Taito has a group of employees who make the music for most of their games. This group also has a band name. What is it?

7. Fill in the blank to complete one of Taito’s old company slogans: “Catch the __________, Taito!”

8. Give the full title of the Tetris-like Taito puzzler named after an important person in Egyptian history.

9. What is the name of the superhero who starred in an arcade punching game as well as a couple of 2-D sidescrolling beat ‘em ups on the US Super Nintendo?

10. Pocky throws cards at bad guys, so what does Rocky throw at enemies in the Kiki Kaikai/Pocky & Rocky games?

And if you need ideas on what to write for the essay, here’s a sample essay I wrote:

When little brother Jeff was very young, we loved to play Bubble Bobble together. It was a fun, simple game that both of us could enjoy and understand. Jeff even made up his own game while playing. After completing a round, the game gives you a few seconds to scramble around and get all the bonus fruit. Jeff and I would try to jump up to the highest point of the stage, and whoever could reach the top first before being whisked to the next stage would get to yell, “I’m the tallest!” We still joke about that today!

And that’s all! Good luck and have fun! –Cary

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