RIP Dom Deluise

domdeluiseDom Deluise died this morning in his sleep. I have to admit, I thought I was not a fan. I found him hammy. But reading the obits today made me sadder then I thought I would be. The man has appeared in far too many movies I adore than any character actor I like (and I like Westerns and Mob films). I remember him most from the beginning of the Muppet Movie. “Al-ey-gay-tors!” The above still is from his appearance on the Muppet Show. I also remembered “Smokey” and, of course, “Cannonball Run” (a movie I’m both glad and shocked hasn’t been revived by Bret Ratner or McG). If you were a kid in the 70’s (and it looks like 50’s and 60’s too) you remember Dom for being on TV all the time. His career began in 1954 and IMDB lists a cameo in a horror-comedy called Horrorween (sounds terrible). But that’s not the point. Dom was an affable, good-hearted, joyful, employed character actor.

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  1. I know this is a sad thing, but sort of like Bea Arthur, I had thought Dom was dead already. Sad time for his family.

  2. :”(

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