Little Mac’s Punch-Out!

punch-out“Dance like a fly, Sting like a mosquito!” says your Trainer in the following video. Most folks just a bit younger than me fondly recall Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. I don’t, I’ve never played it. Oh-ho! But I have played the arcade version of Punch Out – Glass Joe, Piston Hurricane, Bald Bull, but no Tyson – enough to believe that all the quarters I’ve spent on it would add up to … well I could use some cash for a press release or two! Click “More” for the  funny satirical video advertising the game, new form Nintendo.

The new Punch Out comes out next week. You better believe I’m ready. GamerMom is going down, hard. GamerBoy is just gonna murder her. “It’s Over Rock! He’s Gonna Moider Ya!”


This’ll be a Wii title and I honestly hope the game looks better than the stylish, but somehow … bad looking … screenshots.  I mean, it’s the Wii, sure, but there are a lot of games – Madworld, Resident Evil IV, Deadly Creatures, that Ocean one, Super Mario Galaxy – that looking really good on Wii.

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  1. Man, I wish i had a wii. I was a huge Super Punch Out! fan back in the 90’s. I’d play that all the time on my SNES.

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