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Got tough questions?  I’ve got tough answers!  Today we got a question about Manhunt 2 for the Wii – a very controversial title indeed. The question is: Does it make you hungry?  Wait.  That can’t be right.

I saw your interview on the news (actually I saw it on
youtube but I guess it doesn’t matter) about a cool game called
“Manhunt 2”. I own this game for the Wii. I am nearly 13 and I have
beaten this game. It has had no effect on me at all! Why are these
news stations making such a big deal about this game? They say the
violent game will encourage youngsters to think it’s okay to kill.
But here’s my theory: If you play Pac-Man and watch him eat the dots,
will it make you hungry?

Do you agree with me?

-C. Welling

First of all, Manhunt 2 is pretty much the worst mass retail game in the world (it’s more graphic than Grand Theft Auto and much like another series to watch out for a series called Condemned) – the protagonist is a psycho-killer and he’s surrounded by very bad people he has to kill. A voice tells him to kill.  The player hears the voice. And it gets more graphic from there. Fortunately it’s named Manhunt 2 and has a big M on it so parents don’t have an excuse for this one.

Second of all Pac-Man does not make people want to eat dots but that’s a very clever point Mr. Welling and for what it’s worth, I agree with your point.  Manhunt 2 will not make people all crazy violent. It might harm/influence people already mentally upset, it’s clearly not made for early teens and kids and for that reason I recommend against people your age playing it, but again, your parents are letting you and that’s what matters most.

To other parents I reiterate: Look at our articles on Manhunt 2, read various reviews of the game, and know that despite the “using the Wii remote to virtually hack and slash fake people” aspect (which is crucial to the game) what we’re dealing with is essentially a horror movie in the vein of the less funny Friday the 13th and Halloween flicks.  It’s not like Hostel or Saw (though it’s grimy like Saw), the game is about surviving in a world filled with psychotics and, as usual, Rockstar makes this more clever than you’d think.  If you don’t mind your kids seeing movies like this, the game won’t shock your kids.

But I recommend parents think twice. Kids have plenty of time to virtually slash people up.  Mr. “Going on 13” Welling here would have been better off playing Pac-Man and pondering what virtual “dots” are doing to his waistline.

Arguments?  Make ’em below!

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  1. I am and have always been of the opinion that what’s going on in some-one’s head is more important when determining what is appropriate for who than how many times they’ve travelled around the sun (as you lot already know).

  2. And you’re absolutely right about that.

    Still, parents are responsible and since childhood is, at most, 1/5 of your life, why be in such a hurry to experience the brutal stuff. Is there anything really wrong with waiting the brief, brief, brief (I know it’s not brief to you – but believe me – it is SOOO brief, time when you’re a kid.

    You’ll never get it back and you’ll spend much of your life being nostalgic. I don’t look back that fondly on seeing Rated R movies as an early teen but man I totally wish I could relive some of the fun times with my friends being all innocent and pretending to know what “cool” means.

  3. I’m not in a hurry to experience the brutal stuff. I want to experience the good stuff which is sometimes also brutal.

    Besides, it’s not as if I’ve completely abandoned “childhood”. I still act in silly and immature ways occasionally while it is still socially acceptable within my current age group and I’m not part of the “anything relating to the word “family friendly” is GAAAAAY” crowd so I can still enjoy well made movies and games which I can look back at nostalgically in the future.

    I guess that taking advantage of still being considered a “kid” while simultaneously going against that label and generalisation would be having one’s cake and eating it too but I honestly don’t give a crap!

  4. personally, i think that the zero punctuation review of this nailed it on the head. its not just brutal, it shows you how to, say, beat someone to death with an iron. in some ways, its a little over the top.

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