hugh-jackman-wolverineandySo, if we could see each other you’d know that I didn’t get a haircut or trim o’ the beard for the last 6 months.  About 4 months in I was tempted but then realized I could have a little fun.  Last Friday was haircutting time. I had a lot of fun with it. Then my best friend Zane got ahold of them and demonstrated that I’ve been underestimating his Photoshop skills. Seriously underestimating them!  Come on in bub, mind the claws!


Here we go!

From Minimarvels

From Minimarvels


This is here because I love the site (minimarvels.com) and want to establish why Wolverine has always had a special place in my heart (even though I only read it in the 80’s, feel he’s overexposed and don’t care to know his “Origins”). He’s the ONLY Superhero who calls people “Bub” and that just tickles me every time I read it.










andyexplosion_at_juno_beach_areaThe hair is mine in this pic, the sideburns are totally mine, and so is the body.  The explosion was an accident (I really shouldn’t bear my claws on Oil Tankers. Click to make all big, bub!








And in this peice-de-resistance the hair is Hugh Jackman’s, the cigar is mine, the sideburns are totally mine, the claws are special effects and the body is mine.  OK, lets be honest.  GamerMom really likes this picture.  I’m not sure if I should feel threatened by that.








 Let me give a shout out to GamerMom for taking the pics (and putting up with my geeky oddness) and Zane for the photoshop skills.  Visit Zane at his photography website (he’s my main camera partner but what he’s done with macros, bugs and plants is astounding).  Zane is at INZANE VIEW.

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  1. haha, that last pic is amazing

  2. Yeah, those sideburns are to die for! Next time I grow that much hair I’ll shave the chin and become – Civil War Era Guy!

    Oh, yeah, and the pic is nice too. Just wanted to draw some attention to my remarkable facial (hair) acting abilities.

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