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marvelHey! The Hulk is on the cover. See? Right-middle? Activision, I’m talking to you. Why is the Hulk not available (again?) for play in this game that touts the advantage of letting you play a handful of villains and most of the heroes from the Marvel Universe? Sigh, this, some more complaints and a few compliments are ahead:

I still recommend Marvel Ultimate Alliance (the first one) to siblings, friends and relatives. While the sequel has a better graphics engine, it feels more limited. There are less heroes available from the start and fewer total. A few favorites have been shelved (Spider-Woman, Dr. Strange) and a large number are blacked out – leaving you to guess who might be available once you do something to unlock them. I finished the game on Medium difficulty and there are still a few  -HULK- not available. Shadowy and mocking.

This happened last time too. But then the Hulk wasn’t a tease. You could eventually download him (Venom and Doom too I believe) later for an extra fee. Is that what its going to come to again?

Oh well, the game itself is more disjointed than the first one. The story is way too sprawling here, even if you cover less ground, and probably only makes sense if you’ve spent a long time reading comics lately. The main thrust of the game is the Civil War storyline. An intriguing tale told a few years ago with definite War on Terror overtones. There’s a registration act, all heroes must register with the government. If they join Iron Man, they can work for the government as deputized heroes. If the join Captain America, they oppose registration and will be hunted down and stored in a Mr. Fantastic created gulag in another dimension. Big stuff and the storyline plows through it awfully fast. Afterwards there’s something involving Nick Fury, and the story peters out from there.

So, the storytelling, while often clever (told through PA voiceovers and conversations with heroes), is ultimately unsatisfying. Except for maybe the shout outs it makes to True Believers, if you’ve read these comic adventures, maybe this stuff is a lot more amusing.

But this isn’t really a game about story. Ultimate Alliance 2 offers up a bunch of varied heroes, with varied powers , to team up and kick butt. This means you can forge a 4-person team (say Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Thing and Ms. Marvel) and take them through the whole game. Or you can switch it up (Captain America, Invisible Woman, Ice Man and Luke Cage) or stick to the anti-heroes (Venom, Green Goblin, etc.,) or a mix. I played about half the game as The Fantastic Four. Most of the differences between characters is cosmetic, but geek appeal is the main reason to buy a game like this.

Unless you have a lot of parties or a partner to play with. The game is so easy to play, friends can simply hit the attack button over and over. They’ll last a long time. This makes it good for kids – say, over 8 – despite the T-Teen rating. Kids can master the controls easily, the game is co-operative, and the content – while violent – is nowhere near the super hero movies in terms of “maturity.” Violence and Pathos in the Merry Marvel Manner, you might say.

Fun stuff, but not as good as the first game. That’s disappointing, but doesn’t make the game a waste of time or money, especially if you have someone to play with. Now, why can’t I play as the freaking Hulk?

Picture 166


Okay, looks like can be the Hulk, plus a few others, but I have to seek out and find Gamma Regulators hidden throughout the game? Aw hell. Really? Don’t put him on the cover of the game then. Ok? (Thanks Papagamer for your guide.)

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  1. What are you playing on? I have a wii and we had hulk right off the bat! Hulk, wolvie, cap and spidey is who we started the game with.

  2. Really? That’s interesting. I’m with the Xbox 360 – where you’d have to substitute Iron Man for Mr. Purple Pants. Initial Alpha Team is – Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Amanica and Wolverman. Hulk is locked and so is Thor. Locked in a “hey, finish the game first then you can replay with those guys that you wanted to play with!” kind of way. I haven’t researched the unlockables enough to say who else. Juggernaut is a GameStop exclusive, for now and one of the silhouettes could be She-Hulk which, you know, is cool but doesn’t scratch my Hulk-Man itch.

    I’m mainly just annoyed because I spent all of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 wishing I could be the damned Hulk. He finally became downloadable MONTHS later, I’d lost a lot of interest. Hmmm, maybe I should be playing that one instead.

  3. The DS starts out with Ironman, Cap’n, Spiderman, and Wolverine. (There are a couple you can switch to right away but so far I was playing with the defaults…)


  5. Actually my friend has this game for PS3 and i played it with him. He got hulk and he hadn’t finished the game yet, you get him somewhere in the middle of the game. I remember in our team we had the green goblin, venom, juggernaut and hulk for like the last 3 or 4 missions.

  6. Glad they finally released that cheat Wampa, thanks for the heads up!

    And yeah All-Out, you have to collect 5 Gamma thingies or something. With Thor you have to get some Asgardian Runes. Anyway, since I usually ignore “hunt for this” quests (except in Batman Arkham – the Riddler’s Puzzles are just too cool), I didn’t unlock those bad boys.

    Now I’m rocking the Bruisers:
    Hulk, Thor, Thing & Cage. I’m annoyed that Thor can’t throw the Hammer. He needs something to differentiate him from the other three – besides flying.

    Oh and, isn’t the Goblin just terrific? I liked having him around.

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