78743Recently I popped in the PS3 version of Borderlands. I spent a little while in Pandora, which is where your mercenary foursome are treasure hunting. Lets see, Borderlands is post-apocalyptic science fiction mostly about survival. Players, up to four, can play together to accomplish goals in a RPG meets arcade action kind of way. Is it offensive? Does the M-rating fit? 15-year olds want to know!

The game is all right, not really my cup of tea (so, so tired of post-apocalyptic wastelands) but its fun enough with other people. The more the merrier as Borderlands lets four people play at the same time. This leads to some classic competitive or cooperative gaming among friends or family. The game does feature its fair share of blood and gore, intense violence, mature humor and strong language but its all immature silliness. Rather than offensive, it comes across as juvenile. I probably wouldn’t let my own tweens or teens play it, less because of the blood and more because of the juvenailia, but if violence and language in movies don’t bother you… this won’t either.

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  1. Teenage brother Jeff described it as a multiplayer Fallout 3. –Cary

  2. Thank you very much for the review!

  3. The game is basically Left 4 Dead meets Fallout 3 to me, but its quite fun with some friends.

  4. So would recommend it for a 15 yr old who has Fallout 3, Modern Warfare 2, The Orange Box, and a couple other M-Rated Shooters? I’m asking because the price has dropped and I was planning on getting soon. Also, the juvenille stuff doesn’t really bother me or anything. Also, can you turn off the blood and gore, or is it not alot anyways? Thanks!

  5. do you think the game would be ok for a 12 yr old who has played call of duty 4, 5, and 6, gears of war 1 and 2, assassins creed 2, and Halo?

  6. Im not sure how far you got but there is ALOT of gore, and this is coming from a 14 year old who has “seen it all” i love this game and everything about it but i wanted to see your opinion and its off. There is very excessive amounts off blood and gore and the pieces and chunks of the bodies you mutilate stay there until you leave the are or hit a loading screen. I would consider myself pretty mature and this game is still a lot to handle. I would say 16 is a good age unless you think your kid is mature enough to handle it. And this is coming from someone who hates the idea where video games are looked down open and games like GTA are called evil and awfull things.

  7. You’re not wrong Hayden. I’ll boot it up again but my memory of the gore is that it’s over the top enough to be cartoonish. The violence isn’t realistic or particularly disturbing. Thanks for your opinion, you guys commenting helps parents make better decisions!

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