My Mom Goes to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!

NINTENDO2One bad thing about business trips is that you might get to travel to a new city or country, but since you’re on the clock, you might not be able to leave the hotel or convention center. My mom just got back from a business trip to New York City, and she had never been there before. Luckily, when she wasn’t working, she was able to find time to see lots of sights: Times Square, the FAO Schwartz toy store, and more. But one store she went to that I’m most jealous about is the Nintendo World Store!


Anyway, according to her, the Nintendo World store is two stories and has games and demo stations on the bottom floor, and toys, clothes, and other products on the top. She bought some stuff you could only get exclusively at the store. She got me a T-shirt, mug, Mario Santa hat, and some Christmas ornaments! But most importantly, I’m proud that she went to all these places in the Big Apple all by herself and is now safe back at home. Great job and thanks, Mom! Here’s some pictures she took at the Nintendo World store, all decked out for the recent release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii:
















4 Responses to “My Mom Goes to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!”

  1. Wow, quite the decorations…

  2. Awesome pics. My wife and I will be in NYC in a couple weeks. We plan on stopping by the store to pick up some t-shirts for our kids. They’re never too young to be introduced to the world of SMB.

  3. I liked Mario better when Captain Lou Albano was still doing his voice, not Charles Martinet. And bring back Toad!

  4. where is there a link for me to order ornaments?

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