Game Review: Diner Dash (Xbox LIVE)

dinerdashlogoWith Thanksgiving upon us and the holidays right around the corner, there’s going to be a lot of eating, serving food, waiting on people, and cleaning up after them. So why not get some practice in with the Xbox Live version of Diner Dash, based on the popular online PC game.


There’s a reason why Diner Dash is so popular on the PC: it’s easy to understand. Often imitated, Diner Dash is a multitasking action game where you play the part of a waitress. All you do is seat customers, then take their order, place the order on the turntable, bring them their food when it’s ready, then pick up their check and dishes when they’re done. Wash, rinse, repeat. The game becomes a serious task in multitasking when you’re waiting on multiple tables!

Your customers have a bar with hearts over their head that serves as their ‘patience meter.’ If they run out of hearts while waiting for you to serve them, they’ll leave. If this happens enough times, it’s Game Over. Different kinds of customers have different levels of patience. For instance, senior citizens are very patient, but they don’t tip as well. You can score bonus points by serving or cleaning up after two tables at once. Or boost your score by serving customers whose colors match the seats on the tables. Play control is easy, just move around with the control stick and press the A button to perform actions. Of course, it’s not as quick as the PC mouse controls, though.

The Xbox Live version has a single player story mode and an endless shift mode. There’s also local and Xbox Live online two player modes. Work together to serve tables in co-op mode or compete to steal each other’s tips in head-to-head modes. Even though it’s a bit more prolific on the PC, for 800 points, Diner Dash is a great way for families to gather around the Xbox 360 this holiday season. When Hudson demoed this game at PAX, there was a long line of couples waiting to play it. Heck, even my mom likes this game!


Kid Factor:

Nothing objectionable here. Reading skill is helpful, but not necessary, as there are picture cues to let you know what the customers need. It’s also easy to understand how to play, so young people and non-gamers alike can enjoy it. Things get pretty challenging later on, though. The two player modes are great ways for families to play together. Diner Dash is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. Is this the same as the DS version of Diner Dash that came out a year or so ago? I played that one til there was nothing left to accomplish (and then some) and have been dying for more Diner Dash action (Cake Mania is is really boring in comparison).

  2. I don’t know if this game is exactly the same as the DS version, as I never played it, but I do know that this version has two player modes, which are fun for families. Xbox 360 version is also very challenging. Thanks for reading my reviews, Alanna. –Cary

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