Thanksgiving ’09

simg_t_og04160g4nmgHappy Thanksgiving to all! It’s T-Day, which means Linda and the kids are delivering meals for elderly shut-ins (yep, s’what she does, bless her). This is GamerDad’s favorite holiday because of the food, family, friends, fun and that whole heart thingie a while back. Today – and friday (my mom is hosting today, so we can be with my ailing grandmother and Linda LOVES to cook so on Friday we’re having friends at our table) – means football, and a great time for gaming, or not gaming at all. Here’s a list of what my family is playing, including yours truly. So enjoy the eats, don’t drink too much and stretch out to let the fabulous food digest:

GAMERGIRL – Quickspot DS, Sims 3 PC

GAMERBOY – Mario Super Sluggers, ExciteBots, Super Smash Bros, Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Wii, Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games DS, DS games as his whims take him.


Playing – Over Flanders Fields PC, Rise of Flight PC, Left 4 Dead 2

Reviewing – Call of Duty MC 5 PC, Left 4 Dead 2, Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Wii, Brutal Legend

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  1. ANdrew forgot me… I’m still playing EA Active. LOVE IT!! Doing a little Wii Fit PLus last night and this morning Gamerboy and I played Mario Party 8.

  2. Awww, you never play anything new.
    Actually last night we played Scene IT for Wii, I’ll talk about that later.

  3. OK you got me 🙂 I do like what I am playing now.

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