GamerDad Playlist 12-7-09

call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-20070501010208377GamerDad gets a lot of games. Some he buys, some are sent, all are played. These are the games that captivated the GamerFamily this week. Lots of Oldies and lots of New ones too. Can you say Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? I thought you could.


Wii Fit Plus Wii

EA Active Wii


Mario & Sonic Winter Games (DS, Wii)

Deadly Creatures (Wii)

Mario Party (DS)

Mario Party (Wii)


Tinkerbell (DS)

Wii Cheer (Wii)

Sims 3 (PC)


Rise of Flight PC

Left 4 Dead 2 PC

Over Flanders Fields PC

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360

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  1. If you’re a Left 4 Dead 2 fan, can we see a review please? I really want to ask my parents for this game for Christmas and I’ve gotta know if there’s a filter.

  2. Look, Left 4 Dead 2 is extremely, extremely gory, with no filter. And when I say gory, I play Nazi Zombies and barely notice gore…but Left 4 Dead is ridiculous….intestines, hearts, and all sorts of organs and body parts flying around along with frequent use of s*** and f***. As Gameinformer also said in their review for the graphics, “A zombie flew over my head with half its body, and its intestines flew right behind, like a party streamer, 20 yards above me.” Its pretty bad. Modern Warfare 2 is bloody for singleplayer, but if you’re letting the kid play multiplayer only its fine…just the usual XBOX LIVE cussing that you can block out, and some blood splatter on the screen. Happy X-Mas Gaming 🙂

  3. Ok, first of all L4D2 does have a filter on the 360 version, and theres a code you can type to turn it off in the PC version. Second, there are no f words in it, just S words, and they aren’t used that frequently.

  4. Modern Warfare 2 all the way! I highly recommend Borderlands too, though, very fun and surprisingly addictive.

    I don’t own L4D2, but I played it at a friend’s and it was absurdly gory. I was unaware of a filter, but I’m sure Wampa knows what he’s talking about. And yeah, the language isn’t too bad.

  5. Yeah, thanks Wampa, I’ve reviewed on multiple forums and it appears that you’re correct. Though I’ve no idea what motivation the little emoticon guy had to lie to me. Maybe he just likes to mess with people…

  6. Pretty sure there are F bombs on the PC version. I might be wrong, but I’ve dumped ~40 hours or so into it. I think there is just like two instances where Coach uses it. GD is used several times for sure.

  7. No, no f-bombs are used.

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