New Year

A new Year! Hey, thanks Cary for your recent “Picks of ’09” and of the decade. I’m working on something similar but with a twist. Soon I’ll post an article outlining how gaming went mainstream.  I saw it coming, I saw how it would come, I tracked the highlights and even pushed the ball up the hill a bit. (I mangled metaphors too.) What I mean is, I saw it all from a unique perspective and I helped make it happen (in a tiny but meaningful ways). Expect that soon. Other than that the reason my “Game of the Year ’09” picks isn’t up yet is because NBC/Universal’s iVillage (one of the biggest “mommy” websites on the web) bought the article! Also, catch my picture and some advice in the March issue of Family Circle Magazine. Yes, I’ll be known to millions of people seeing the doctor all across this great land… Resolutions? No resolutions here. I’ve tried to make it a habit to change and perfect myself in small ways all the time (and fail, just like annual resolutions).

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