Gears of War for 6!!!!?

WonderingMom Writes: Well I’m wondering your input/take on a 6yr old playing
Gears of War. Its a game that he has seen adults play, and there fore
recognizes advertisements, or on the store shelves. What is it rated?
And would it be an appropriate game for him to play? because it is
being requested by him.

Short answer? No. Long answer, nononononononoNO.

Why? It’s wild, gory, scary and filled with blood – oh and there’s a chainsaw mode that’s as fun… er… as brutal as it sounds. The game is Rated M.

As NPR put it – The GamerDad does not moralize.  As I’ve said before I don’t believe kids are harmed by violent games any more than they are “harmed” by violent movies, books, or other media. This means that I defer to the parents in these cases. Would you mind your 6-year old watching a sci-fi gore fest like – say – Aliens?  Also “seeing it” in glimpses is different than playing it. Unless the kid is parked on the floor watching the whole game unfold in its bloody glory.

This is up to you. The game is rated 17+ but you know what? You can watch it on YouTube. There’s are plenty of videos that’ll take you on a guided tour of Marcus Fennix’s crazy world. Hit YouTube and make the call.  That oughta stop the “wondering.”

Oh, there are plenty of games for 6-year olds. They are Rated E.

Happy Gaming!

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  1. hey um gamerdad my dad never lets me play halo cuz it rated m in fact every rated m game he will not let me play he dosent look 2 see y its rated m some rated m games r overrated and im 12 i have 2 questions 1)is my dad being 2 strict 2) is halo good 4 my age

  2. I think it’s important to mention that Gears of War 2 has a parental control option where you can turn off the gore and language. I don’t believe the first one had this. While I’m not sure it’s the thing for a 6 yr old, my 8 yr old plays it and my 5 yr old is in the room, though disinterested most of the time. It makes HUGE difference when the gore and language is turned off

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