Game Review: The Magic Obelisk (WiiWare)

OBELISK_BOXMeet Lukus. He may look like just a little boy, but Lukus is actually a tree spirit. It’s every tree spirit’s dream to take root somewhere special and become a tree. If sunlight touches Lukus, he’ll turn into a tree, so tree spirits must walk behind shadows until they find the perfect spot. That’s why every tree spirit is also accompanied by a light spirit, who can shine and cast shadows on magic obelisk pillars to grant them safe passage from place to place. Play as Lukus’ light spirit Popo as you guide young Lukus in The Magic Obelisk, a downloadable action puzzler on WiiWare.


In The Magic Obelisk, hold the Wii remote sideways like a NES controller as you guide Popo around the level. Scattered about the stages are special pillars that Popo can shine light on with a press of a button. That way, you can make a shadow path for Lukus to follow from shade to shade. You can also press another button to call Lukus near you, but he won’t step into any light. Create a shadow path for Lukus so he can reach the goal point in every level.

Special colored obelisks provide different kinds of shadows when you shine light on them. Red shadows provide heat that can trigger plants to grow (more shade for Lukus). Yellow shadows blow wind that can send Lukus skyward. And blue shadows make slippery ice paths for Lukus to skate across. Sometimes you’ll have to help Lukus maneuver around mischievous ghosts and silly robots who might try and push him out into the sunlight. Other times you’ll have to help an animal friend, who in return usually will provide some much-needed shade to help you pass the level.

The graphics have a simple, watercolor pastel look to them, and each level is presented like a children’s pop-up storybook. It starts out pretty simple, but later chapters have some pretty devious puzzles. The only problem with this game is some aspects of the play control. Sometimes it’s tricky to make shadows go the way you want them to, and other times Lukus might not come to you if you call him if he’s stuck behind the smallest sliver of a corner. Plus, the viewpoints and camera angles can make it a little tough to figure out where Lukus can and can’t go. But for only 500 Wii Points, The Magic Obelisk is a steal for such a surprisingly deep and charming game.


Kid Factor:

The Magic Obelisk is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Comic Mischief. No violence here, other than the silly ghosts who try and shove Lukus out of the shade. Reading skill is necessary for the text instructions and story. Younger players may need a little help with the controls and tougher puzzles. But it’s still a nice little inexpensive downloadable Wii title that emphasizes helping others and enforces thinking skills.

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