DSiWare Review: MySims Camera

SIMSCAMERA_BOXThe cuter, more family friendly MySims spinoffs of the regular Sims games have taken off in popularity recently. And now you can really get into the picture with MySims Camera, a downloadable photo application for your DSi.


MYSIMS1You can bring in popular MySims characters and change their actions, movements, and facial expressions on screen. Enlarge and rotate them to your liking, and then save them to your DSi as a picture. Make a scene with your MySims characters or take a picture of yourself and arrange the Sims around you! Or make a picture frame border with your MySims pals. Doodle on your photo creations and when you’re done, save them to your DSi and share them with friends. If you have any of the other MySims DS cards in your DSi slot (MySims Agents, MySims Kingdom, MySims Party, or MySims Racing), you can unlock even more goodies.

MYSIMS2While MySims Camera may seem like a waste to most hardcore gamers, a 10-year-old with a DSi can have hours of entertainment with the camera and sound recording features. Heck, I’ve seen a group of teenagers enthralled with the DSi’s photo editing capabilities myself! So a young MySims enthusiast should be able to find some enjoyment out of this. And at only 200 points (two bucks), it’s not a bad little pick-me-up for MySims fans with a DSi. Reading skill is helpful for the instructions, though.

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