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Product DetailsI believe strongly in helping my fellow authors and I believe even more strongly if the book in question is from an author I knew back in College (and whom I thought was cute) and I’m in a position to help. I will help.  This is a parent/game site and this book has nothing to do with, still, consider finding a copy of Ami Silber’s Early Bright. The more they sell, the more likely we’ll hear from this author again.  Go, buy one, read it, GamerDad asked you as a favor! Read on for a review – not by me:

Debut novelist Silber delivers a captivating downhill ride through the alleys and clubs of LA’s 1948 bebop scene, crafting a fascinating antihero who will do just about anything to keep his fingers on the ivories. At first, Jewish musician Louis Greenberg seems downright courageous, using his charm and piano skills to earn a place in the black jazz clubs of Watts; he’s even pursuing an impossible love affair with a beautiful black regular, Beatrice. But soon it becomes apparent that his outsider status is deserved: his day job is swindling war widows out of their money, using the memories of their departed husbands as bait. So certain are Greenberg’s future heartaches—especially with Beatrice—and so profound is his love for jazz, it’s hard not to root for him, even as he draws an especially vulnerable widow into his web.  – Reed Business Administration (<— What the What?)

Ami Silber

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