Game Review: Scrabble Classic (DSiWare)

SCRABBLE_BOXThe classic word board game Scrabble is now available to download on DSi. No more losing letter tiles or worrying about them sliding off the board! Is it worth the 800 points, though? Read on and find out!


There’s already a Scrabble game on DS, but it’s a cartridge and still at full price at most retailers. The DSi downloadable version of Scrabble is the exact same game, minus a few of the features of the DS cartridge. But at less than half the cost, it’s a great deal. Later on in the year, some of the extra features like the training games and Scrabble Slam card game will make it to DSi as well.

To play Scrabble Classic on your DSi, hold the game system sideways, like how you would hold a book, or the Brain Age titles. Making words on the board is as easy as sliding your tiles with the stylus. You can play against the CPU in multiple difficulty levels, or challenge your friends to multiplayer matches. They’ll need a copy of the game on their DSi, though. Play the classic game or give yourself a time limit with Speed Scrabble.

Scrabble Classic comes with a few extra features that are really useful, like an in-game dictionary, hint option, and a list of two letter words when you need to get rid of those hard to use tiles! Being able to save your game in the middle of play and pick it up later makes Scrabble Classic a fun and inexpensive way to pass the time on the go.


Kid Factor

Scrabble Classic can be considered educational, as it teaches spelling and vocabulary with the built in dictionary. Reading and spelling skills are necessary, as well as prior knowledge on how to play the game. Having it on downloadable form on the DSi is great because you never have to worry about your kids losing the cartridge, too! Scrabble Classic is rated E for Everyone.

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