I don’t dislike Bioshock 2

Really, I don’t, I’m just having a hard time getting excited about playing it. I loved the first one, with it’s unique setting, compelling gameplay and Ayn Rand meets dehumanized apocalypse story – but I feel like I’m dine with Rapture. This isn’t normally the case with sequels if games I like. I hear it gets awesome near the end but I think i’m going to have a hard time getting there. Knee jerk I’d say this is bloody enough for 15+ but conservatively, go with the rating of M-mature. Anyone played further? Please comment. Yours beneath the waves – Big GamerDaddy

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  1. The first one was one of my favorite games of all time, but I don’t own the second yet, it’ll probably have to wait till the summer. I agree though, I’m as hyped as I thought I’d be.

    Of course, right now I’m trying to get through Mass Effect again to import to Numero Dos, which has been sitting on my desk taunting me for a month now…but I haven’t had all that much time lately to play 360, and I keep letting myself get sucked in by Modern Warfare 2 or Borderlands. So much to play, so little time…

    And with new Borderlands DLC being roughly equivalent to 40% of the free space on my hard drive, it’s looking like upgrade time on that front.

  2. I agree with you … and think those who say it ‘gets great’ are hopped up on too much Adam. It is a decently solid ‘B’ game, but does nothing to approach the original.

    Speaking of which, it came out late last year for the Mac, so after finishing the sequel I dove into the original. Much better as a core game.

  3. Oh .. and Hi!

  4. Hi! I’m just tired of Splicers and vending machines and Adam and powers and I feel like the wimpiest Big Daddy ever. I love the setting and graphics, I just don’t know why I’m revisiting it. Might shelve it until later.

  5. I never played the first one, so I don’t have that to compare it to, but I still think 2K Marin did a very good job crafting an interesting shooter. I think that BioShock 2 is especially very good considering the fact that it had so much working against it. The fact that production changed hands, the new multiplayer (I certainly didn’t think that would work), and many other things. I just didn’t even see BioShock 2 working as well as it did. My only real problem with the game is that playing as a Big Daddy didn’t feel as heavy or as visceral as it could have. Being a Big Daddy should have Splicers running scared. You should feel like a monster truck with legs but I could close my eyes and just pretend I was playing as Soap from CoD 4, which is not how it should be. Other than that, though, the game is an excellent shooter.

  6. Dear Gamer Dad,

    Hey, this is a question about InFamous. What happened to it’s rating?! I thought the game was rated M for mature, but upon looking it up, I had found ESRB had rated it Teen. I could have sworn it was rated Mature. And what annoys me a even more is that ONe of the other ratings systems called it T, and two other called it M (Or Z or 18+ or what ever). Could you please tell me if this game would be appropriete for a 13 year old?

    A very confused gamer.

  7. I’m enjoying BioShock 2 very much. I was sucked in right away as the game explores the relationship between the Big Daddy and Little Sisters (and Big Sis, too). Of course my enjoyment of the game may have something to do with the fact that I have two little girls. The opening cinematic got me right away – my 3 year old often pulls me around by the hand, too. However, she doesn’t stick giant syringes into corpses….as far as I know.

  8. I found myself with the same problem. The first night I got it I put a good 2 hours into it. Saving about 3 little sisters and fighting a big sister. I just ended up going to bed and when I woke up the next day to finish what I started I just got pulled back into Mass Effect 2. I finished that, but only just into to have Heavy Rain release. I’m now a good 5-6 hours into that (which is by far the best game I have played in year…. very adult however) and I’m sure I’ll finish this soon, but I still havent even had any time to get to MAG. I only get to play that for a week until Final Fantasy 9, God of War III, and Resident Evil 5 GOTY come out. AGHHH!!! And as a game retailer (who works partly on commission) I feel it is part of my job to play these games to give informed opinions on them. I red a post on a blog I had stumbled-upon where the writer posted a request to developers to stop making good games. At first I LOLed and continued to read on. As I read on I realized he was right. I glanced over at my shelf and noticed my stack of unplayed games and hung my head. Two days off a week with an expecting wife is not enough time to get these games played. I’ve been trying to stay up late for me time but i just can’t stay up like I used too.

    It’s tough GamerDad and I think most of us understand. If you can’t get every game reviewed it’s no big deal, that’s why you have a well informed, intelligent fan base to help you out.

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