KORG DS-10 Plus

KORG_BOXKORG is a maker of musical instruments, and now you can have one of their analog synthesizers in your own pocket. No need to lug around a big keyboard, and it’s a lot less expensive, too. KORG DS-10 Plus is a powerful little tool, but you’d best have prior knowledge of music and synthesizers before jumping in!


Use the stylus and touch screen to play the keyboard, drums, sequencers, and other various knobs and switches. You can record and save your compositions and share them with other local DS KORG owners. If you have a Nintendo DSi, you’ll have twice the power at your disposal with more channels, sequencers, and drums.

The authenticity is amazing and it’s a wonder how the DS was able to have so many tones, sounds, and pitches that you can play with. But it comes with a price. It’s very hard to know what to do unless you have prior knowledge of music and keyboard synthesizers. The 55 page instruction booklet is informative, but intimidating. It would’ve been nice if there was an easy-to-use in-game tutorial or tour guide through the various screens in the game. Or maybe some sample songs and sounds to help get you started.

But for music enthusiasts and synthesizer experts, KORG DS-10 Plus is a nifty instrument to have in your DS library. Just like playing a real musical instrument, you won’t be instantly good right away. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go tweak my Yankee Doodle techno remix some more!


Kid Factor:

KORG DS-10 Plus is rated E for Everyone, but I can’t recommend it for all ages. Younger kids would definitely be confused. Heck, I’ve taken music theory and history classes in college, was in marching band in high school, and took piano lessons before then since second grade…and this game still intimidated me! Reading skill and knowledge of music is a must.

But just because I had trouble with it, that doesn’t mean your kids will, too. I can barely figure out how to program numbers into my cell phone, but today’s kids can text on their iPhones and iPods like it was second nature. So if you have an older kid who has taken piano or music lessons for a few years, or maybe your teen has his or her own garage band, KORG DS-10 Plus may be a good enrichment for their musical talents. And who knows? With it, they may learn how to compose the music in tomorrow’s video games!

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