Talladega Daze: Part 2

RACELOGOLast week I went on vacation to Alabama. We have a lot of relatives there and I like to visit them whenever we can. We did a lot of things on this trip and I took a lot of pictures, so I wanted to share them with you all! On day 2 we went to Talladega to see the race track and car museum!


Even though this was a vacation, I actually did some work on this day, too. You see, I work at a place that sells things to mostly hospital gift shops. I’m only in customer service, but I do have a customer of my own that I sell to, like a sales rep would do. This customer specifically asked for me to sell to her, and her gift shop is at the hospital in Talladega. So we went there and visited her, I gave her some samples, and took her out to eat lunch with my family. I took a lot of pictures of her gift shop to show the folks back at the office, but I won’t post them on this blog here. Well, I’ll post one picture, just so you can see what her shop looks like.


After that we drove out to the Talladega race track. First we toured the car museum and got to see a lot of neat old race cars. I noticed that the gift shop sold a LOT of Danica Patrick merchandise. Hmmm, I wonder why? Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Ridge Racer car museum? Anyway, here are some pictures:

Of course I had to take a picture of the De Lorean from Back to the Future.


More cars.









Bunky Bobo?


Check out the spoiler on THAT car!


Here’s a Budweiser rocket car!


They also had some cars that had been in really bad race wrecks. I took a picture of this one because it had the Kool-Aid Man on it. OH YEAH!


After that, we rode on a bus and drove through the infield on the race track! The cool thing is that on the day we were there, they were doing some test races and we got to see the cars go around the track as we rode on the bus! I bet we were closer to see the cars going around turn four than what we would’ve been in the stands!


If I didn’t have to deal with the crowds, weirdos, and the heat, I’d probably really enjoy going to see a real race at Talladega, at least just once. I bet it would be really COOL!

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