Press Start: 4/22/10 – Fire!

A  Semi-daily little blog update to enhance that whole Twitter thing. Remember, that’s #gamerdadtm or @gamerdadtm or whatever it is. I’m old and don’t understand your social networking. Pressing Start now!

“Daddy! DADDY! Oh, daddy come quick!” Maggie cried. She’d been playing Sims 3 for an hour or two and had already made a few friends. Looks like she made too much food or didn’t clean as much because her stive burst into flames. Her sim was going nuts and as I tried to calm Maggie I kept saying “The Firetruck is coming! The Firetruck is coming!”

And it did.

Somehow I got Maggie to stop panicking and watch them put out the far. We paid the bill and I asked Maggie what got her so scared!

“I thought Maggie Star was going to burn to death!” (To my knowledge, this can’t happen in the Sims 3)

I gave her a big hug and kiss and then we went new stove shopping!

For myself I am pie deep into P.B. Winterbottom an absurdly cheap PC and Xbox Live challenge puzzle game described a bit below on the front page. You can’t find it in stores, only direct download places have it and it seems to list under WINTERBOTTOM rather than MISADVENTURES. All this techology and Microsoft can’t come up with a better way to search their store.

It looks like Henry is almost done with his Sonic as Jekyll and Hyde/or werewolf game and it’s proof that a mediocrity in the hands of a 7-year old can be a memorable experience. He loves the game and might even restart it when he gets the chance.

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  1. FYI in previous versions of the Sims I think you could in fact let your characters burn to death if there’s a fire. If, you know, you remove all the doors from your house, for example. Not that I’d know anything about that…

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