An iPad Will Save Me Money

For the better part of 5 years, due to prosperity and for work, we’ve always been a multiple computer household. Until recently it was a powerful gaming PC, an iMac, an iBook, two iPhones, a PC I have connected to the TV to eliminate our old cable bill, my wife’s crappy work Dell laptop, two iPhones, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

… do the DS, Didj and PSP count? Anyway, that’s enough computer power err… to do something difficulty computing-wise. Or something. Now add an iPad on the list – remove one iPhone, and likely remove the MacBook. It’s still quite a list – and more than we need.

Almost all of these things are new, so I can’t even hide being the idea of this being legacy devices. Where was I going with this? Oh yes, I love the MacBook – I’ve written most GD posts and my three books on it – but it’s kind of heavy and it isn’t a comfortable read-in-bed Kindle platform (I’m a Kindle addict btw). I loved my iPhone, but I never used the mandatory data plan on it. So that was $20 a month we didn’t need to spend. Linda’s iPhone works, but she dropped it a year or so ago and the screen consists of spiderweb cracks. Good to use as a phone or iPod, but not as an iPhone.

Switching from a data plan to a plan with 2 more free phones from AT&T saves us $40 a month. The iPhone becomes an iPod – not touch, because of the cracks – and that leaves me without an iPhone or a kindle I can use in the dark of night during my frequent insomnia.

So, how can I fill all these needs at once and save money in the long run? Here’s the logic: iPad is a Kindle, iPod Touch, game playing system – all apps work and I’m record for loving iPhone apps – and if I throw in the awesome charger/hold it upright quality keyboard sold separately – I’ve got a lightweight laptop style writing device with a handy touch screen interface.

So, with the MacBook, not new but in great shape with some expensive software installed – Word anyone? – I should be able to get around $750-900 for it (according to ebay). iPad is $499 with 16GB (i don’t need more, really) and the dock/keyboard/upright holder thing is another $79. So roughly that’s a savings of a few hundred dollars. And this doesn’t even mention the $40 Linda and I are saving by dropping the data plan and not buying an iPod Touch, which was my other plan for Kindle and app reasons. The iPad is a poor replacement for the Macbook, admittedly, but it’s easier to travel with and does what I need. Well, except it doesn’t do Flash. Which annoying but I’ve three other much larger screens and computers that do.

That’s how I bought an iPad and saved money doing it.

The weirdest thing? Not having a mouse.

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  1. Yay! Saving money!

  2. If you have trouble sleeping you should not read on an iPad or iPod. The backlit screen shines a lot of light directly in your face which, according to some sleep experts, not only keeps you awake but also prevents your body from producing some chemicals needed to have a good nights sleep. I would suggest spending some more money and buying a real e-reader, e.g., a Kindle.

  3. The Ipad looks like a better reader and it is color. I am tempted, though it looks like there are some other similar devices coming out soon that are pretty good.

  4. My family just got a MacBook, since we would always fight over our one and only computer (an iMac). I honestly don’t see the appeal of an iPad at all, really. I’d rather have a laptop or an iPod Touch than both fused into one device. And I like to read my books the old-school way.

    But hey, saving money is always good.

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