Game Reviews: Armored Core: Last Raven Portable (PSP)

Armored Core: Last Raven is a PlayStation 2 classic in the long-running robot mech battle series. Now you can play it on the go with the PSP via the PSN store. But does it hold up well on the portable handheld game system? Read on to find out.

Half the fun of Armored Core game is being able to customize and build your own battle mechs. And you can do that here, too. There are endless possibilities with more than 500 parts to use. Best of all, if you have Armored Core 3 Portable and/or Armored Core Silent Line Portable, you can import your save data from those games into Last Raven!

Once you’re done building, take your mechs into battle on missions that advance the plot, which has branching storylines and multiple endings. You’ll shoot and blast enemy mechs and even new opponents exclusive to this PSP version. In multiplayer mode, you can fight up to three other players with Ad Hoc on the PSP.

Armored Core games have always had complicated controls, but on the PSP, they become not only complicated, but clunky as well. To make matters worse, Last Raven is one of the most difficult in the series. Only Armored Core experts would really enjoy this title. Newcomers may want to find another one to play.

Kid Factor:

Armored Core: Last Raven Portable is rated T for Teen with an ESRB descriptor of Fantasy Violence. You can shoot and launch missiles at other mechs, and they explode when defeated. But you don’t see any persons getting hurt and there is no blood, so the violence really isn’t that bad. But it’s still best for older gamers because of the difficulty and complicated controls.

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