Playable Pac-Man on Google!

When visiting to do an Internet search, have you ever noticed that sometimes they have a different logo, usually to commemorate some kind of special event? Well, today their logo looks like the Pac-Man maze because this year marks Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary! But that’s not all! If you wait for a few seconds, you can actually PLAY Pac-Man right there on Google!

You just use the arrow keys to move around Pac-Man. Sound effects and gameplay are very authentic. They even have the intermissions after every few levels! Only problem are the dead ends in the maze at the G and the little e. But at least the G dead end has a power pellet for you! So go give it a try and celebrate one of video games’ most popular and cherished icons! –Cary

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  1. Oh man, I just discovered this. So awesome!

  2. If you hit the “Insert Coin” button twice in a row, a second player can be Ms. Pac-Man and they use the WASD keys and you can play co-op! –Cary

  3. Loved this. Too bad I couldn’t come up with a way to save a playable version of it.

  4. Actually, it turns out Google made it permanent. Just go to and you should be good.

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