Game Review: Supermarket Mania (PSP Mini)

PSP Minis are small games you can download on your PlayStation Portable. Supermarket Mania is a PSP Mini game that should please fans of other casual-styled time management challenges like Diner Dash. Keep your customers happy with well-stocked shelves and clean aisles as you run your very own grocery store!

Each stage starts with shelves you must fill as you run around with your cart. Move the cursor to each shelf and stock it by pressing the X button. After filling a few shelves, you’ll have to push the Square button to run to the back to restock your cart. When customers start coming in, they’ll take out groceries from the shelves, so you’ll have to keep an eye out in case they get empty again. Luckily the customers have thought bubbles over their heads so you can anticipate where they will go next. Just don’t keep your customers waiting by an empty shelf for too long or they’ll leave the store without checking out.

After a certain time, the store will close and your customers will check out and leave. Earn enough money to pass a set goal to complete that day’s shift and move onto the next level. But keeping up a grocery store isn’t all about stocking shelves. Sometimes you’ll need to clean up messes by clicking on them with the X button and tossing the trash in recycling with the triangle button. In later stages you can power up your grocer’s walking speed with a cup of Joe at the coffee machine, and try to thwart pesky shoplifters and noisy teens. Use the money you earn to upgrade your store so you can work more efficiently. Play sequential stages with various challenges in Story Mode, or go for the high score in Endless.

Really the only problem with Supermarket Mania is the play control can be a tiny bit confusing at times. You have to move the arrow pointing at shelves with the D-pad, and when there is a lot of stuff going on; it’s a little cumbersome to see what you’re pointing at. Plus, all the action and movement on screen can be a bit bewildering and daunting at times. It probably would’ve been better suited with mouse or DS stylus controls. However, fans of multi-tasking occupational challenges who have mastered Diner Dash may enjoy the slightly steeper challenge found here. And Supermarket Mania is a pretty solid causal title at only five bucks.

Kid Factor:

Reading skill is helpful for the instructions, but not totally necessary as there are picture cues to tell you what buttons to press and where to go. Younger players might find the later multi-tasking challenges frustrating, but otherwise, it’s a decent enough game for your little grocer. Supermarket Mania is rated E for Everyone.

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