Dominions HD for iPad/Pod/Phone

Dominions is like Risk. Actually it’s so much Risk it IS Risk. But it’s Risk with vector graphics and that’s a good thing (why haven’t they made Risk yet?), not a next best thing. Dominion has a style all it’s own. There are three modes of play here and I spent only enough time with Custom and Modern as I could to say they’re interesting and … oh heck, I barely played them. Lets just say they’re THERE and go on to say that Classical mode is the way to go.

Playing on a similar in region shaped world map are familiar concepts. Armies occupy small puzzle piece-like regions on continents. Everything is where it should be and Dominion doesn’t bother to redraw the Russian mish-mash (I think), it’s the same as the boardgame, so familiarity sets in right away. Each continent is worth extra army units each turn and victories also give extra armies. No cards, but the dice game is the same. Attack, roll, defender wins all ties.

From there you amass armies and steamroll anything in your path. With up to four other players, human or AI, you vie each turn and this creates teetertotters in flashpoint regions and backdoor attacks from multiple fronts. I like this sort of game but I’d like more complexity.

The Vector graphics (this means things are drawn on a black background with glowing lines representing things) are cool, lending the game a cool radar screen effect. I should also add that there are region maps as well. You can use the world map, Australia, South America and Africa hopefully we’ll get more, at least conquest happy Europe.

Looking for Risk but don’t want to take a Risk (ouch, sorry)? Dominions HD is here in all it’s stylish glory.

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  3. Hmm, the cards are a strategic importance in basic Risk, but sounds fairly decent otherwise. I’m playing a lot of Slay! lately on my iPod touch… very Risk-esque but no dice rolling, just an area control thing on hexagon map. More adjacent hexagons controlled, more income… units are bought and “upgraded” into the next higher level unit by combining with an extra basic unit (but the upkeep for the higher units goes up exponentially)

  4. I agree about the cards Matt, my Risk memory is faulty but don’t you get cards by conquering territories? Here you get extra armies for each territory captured per turn. The AI likes to collect them and then suddenly unleash 25 in a good spot and then steamroll away!

    I’ll probably write about this game again because I really haven’t explored the Modern Combat option and the game is starting to get a lot of my attention.

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