Ulysses Restored!

Since I made a big deal about it because I wanted to rage against the idiocy of Apple’s blanket ruling that there shall be no nudity – not even art – at their App store, I figured I had to update this story. For those who don’t know the story involves a witty comic adaptation of the James Joyce novel Ulysses. Apple’s policies made the creators of this graphic adaptation (voluntarily) change their artwork to omit a picture showing a nude man leaping into the ocean. His tiny graphic penis was the problem here. Today is Bloomsday, a holiday evidently created in Dublin to celebrate Joyce, and the creator of the comic emailed me some good news:

“(W)e received a phone call from Apple this morning asking
us to re-submit the original and unexpurgated version of our comic so
that they can make it available on their iTunes Store in time for

This is a complete rethinking of their “no nudity” guidelines
regarding app development and, I believe, another victory for Mr
Joyce’s little blue book some 88 years later.

Its definitely a happy BloomsDay for all of us when such a novel
can still shatter restriction even today!”

-Robert Berry

So it looks like someone higher up noticed the problem and slapped the silly and arbitrary “nudity” rule in the bare ass. Since Joyce’s book was initially controversial because it was deemed “Obscene.” This story’s ending is all the happier. Congrats Robert Berry! It was the tiny inoffensive penis heard ’round the world!

Or something like that.

The comic is free on the Internet at http://www.ulyssesseen.com

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