Game Review: Wedding Dash 4 Ever (PC)

If you enjoy causal time management games, you might just fall in love with Wedding Dash 4 Ever. Play as wedding planner Quinn as she helps seat guests, collect gifts, and keep the bride and groom happy. Luckily, Diner Dash’s own Flo is on hand to help serve the entrees and cake! Guide them both at the same time to make the most memorable weddings ever!

Most of your time is spent in the reception area. Use the mouse to drag and drop guests to the tables. There are thought bubbles above the guests’ heads letting you know which table they want to be at or which person they want to sit by. Fulfill their requests and earn bonus points. Sometimes the bride and groom will want to sit by certain people, too, so keep that in mind.

Once seated, have Quinn collect their present and bring it to the gift table. Then you have to serve each guest their appetizer, entrée, and slice of wedding cake. Serving their food is similar to Diner Dash. In fact, Flo from that game is on hand to help with that. After they’ve finished, drag and drop each guest to the dance floor so you can seat more visitors. Each character has different eating speeds and patience characteristics.

There are other small things you’ll do as well. Click on hidden items for bonus points and to unlock special gifts and goodies. Sometimes you must click on minor wedding disasters and Quinn will fix them, such as unruly guests, falling decorations, and party crashers. Later on you’ll need to coordinate toasts and photos, too!

There are other mini-challenges between reception stages, too. Such as seating guests where they want during the ceremony, or finding the right path to include all the guests in the conga line. All the controls are easy and only require you to click and drag the mouse. If you’ve played games like Diner Dash before, you’ll know what to do here.

With all the things to keep track of, Wedding Dash 4 Ever is a lot more difficult than other games of this ilk. So if you’ve mastered Diner Dash and found it to be too easy, you may want to challenge yourself with Wedding Dash. It would have been nice to have ‘patience meters’ to let you know how your guests are doing, but other than that, Wedding Dash 4 Ever should please casual time management game fans. And it’s not very expensive to download either.

Kid Factor:

I’m not sure if Wedding Dash 4 Ever is rated by the ESRB, but I imagine it would be E for Everyone. There are silly cartoon antics like food fights and people make toasts, so I guess alcohol is somewhat involved. Reading skill is helpful for the text tutorials, but there are picture cues to help you know what guests want, too. Younger players may get frustrated at the higher difficulty and need help. But kids who enjoy watching those Bridezilla TV shows and aspire to be a wedding planner may enjoy this game anyway.

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