Disney Sing It: Family Hits

When I had babies, I refused to play children’s music for them. If it wasn’t on television – The Wiggles, etc., – they didn’t hear it.  Instead I gave them a steady diet of mild/pop/rap, some classic rock and a huge helping of Beatles. The closest I got to kiddie fare was the kind that wins Oscars. Disney signature pile of hits fit the bill and here it is, in karaoke form!

Karaoke music games are well represented. but few have the family friendly power of “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” “Beauty & the Beast,” or “Under the Sea.” Heck, Lion King alone offers so much too. There’s a version that comes with a microphone and it’s available for all three consoles. Since the songs may be better known then, say Hotel California or Hey Jude, these songs are known to your kids and that helps the younger kiddos keep up. Nothing to worry about here, Disney’s got your covered.

I have a ten-year old daughter, so yeah, we know a few of these tunes. She loves to sing. My problem? I these songs – she loves ’em . ‘Nuff said

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  1. If this is the kind of “insightful” reviews that you produce, its no wonder EA Sports cut you off.

  2. First off, ^ that was uncalled for.

    Anyway, I’m not a great fan of any item that encourages people who clearly can’t sing to sing :P, but I’ll accept it if it’s aimed at children.

    Also, I vaguely remember Sony announcing something similar as part of the Singstar series in an old press conference. A quick google has informed me of a similar game that was, in fact, released as part of the Singstar series in 2008 (and is probably what was announced in the press conference). Considering that, I wonder why this game even needs to exist.

  3. Amen Rusty Harpoon. This site gets more pathetic by the day

  4. Jeez, why the hate? If you don’t like the site, then leave.

  5. Hmm, I can’t see any record of a Singstar branded Disney title actually being released. I’m a big fan of Singstar and would have scooped it up if it was released… (maybe)

  6. I don’t think the Disney Singstar came out in the US. Here’s a UK version on Ebay:


  7. Psst, it’s called Sing It, not Sony’s Singstar.

  8. We know what the game being reviewed in this article is called, it’s just that my comment sparked a small tangent. Anyway, whether it’s PAL only or not, a Disney Singstar game does exist.

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