Game Review: And Yet It Moves (WiiWare)

No background story, no hype train, And Yet It Moves is just a simple, 2-D puzzle platformer on WiiWare. But there is a twist…literally! In the game, you shift the world around by tilting the Wii remote. So an impassible wall can become a floor, for instance. It’s a very creative concept and one of the few worthwhile WiiWare titles out there.

In And Yet It Moves, your goal is to get your little man from point A to point B. Tilt the Wii remote to rotate the level and make walls become floors, clear bottomless pits, and bypass other obstacles. But be careful, as a stationary rock can become a rolling boulder of doom if the world is tilted a certain way. You’ll die a lot in the game, but luckily it never feels frustrating due to the plentiful checkpoints and endless tries in the main game.

Another unique aspect of And Yet It Moves is the graphics, which look like everything is made out of bits of scrap paper. There are also multiple control options, including Classic Controller support. Play control only takes about a minute to get used to, and once you do, moving the world around feels almost second nature.

If there is any problem with And Yet It Moves, it’s that some of the puzzles and obstacles can be a little tough to figure out. Right now I’m stuck on a level on how to get past some bees. A multiplayer mode would’ve been nice to have, too. Plus, even though the game is only 1000 Wii Points (about ten bucks), it still feels somewhat short with only 20 levels. Luckily, there are several game modes outside of the main adventure that’ll keep players interested, such as time trials, achievements, and other unlockables and goodies to find. And Yet It Moves is still a pretty worthwhile and creative WiiWare title.

Kid Factor:

And Yet It Moves is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB Descriptor of Mild Violence. When your character dies, he breaks into pieces. But since he comes back to life right away and everything is made out of paper anyway, the game is hardly violent at all. Controlling the game only takes about a minute to get used to, but younger players may still need help on the tougher levels. Even though there is text in the tutorials, reading skill isn’t necessary as the basics are pretty easy to figure out just by playing.

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