Halo Reach – should it be T-Teen?

I get lots of letters about Halo. They always go the same way. Start with a child or parent asking why it’s Rated M, end with the child or adult asking me if the game is okay. Asking how bad it is compared to Call of Duty: MW or Grand Theft Auto. I can’t answer all the questions and I’ve written enough about Halo 1-3… so naturally, here comes a new one. Here comes Halo Reach.

And once again I feel the ESRB has overdone it. Aside from incidental blood – most of it colorful and from aliens – there is nothing really offensive about Halo Reach. It’s just a bit bloodier than before. No prostitution, no drugs, no nudity, no bad language, no… just a bit of blood that on Television would be rated okay for teens, probably could fit during Prime Time, and in films would be rated PG-13. Better still, the blood is in one scene only.

There’s the argument right there. Does a bit of purple or red blood – and I mean blood, not gore – merit an M-rating?  Is it worth parents drawing a line and teens looking to cross it?

Look parents – and please spread this link and quote me – Halo Reach is a fine game, a game your teen wants, and a game you can feel comfortable with them playing. It’s not bad, it’s not evil, it’s not even terribly Mature. If in doubt please check my credentials, check YouTube or the ESRB for more info.

Save the “you can’t HAVE that offensive game” for a game that really deserves it. They’re out there, they just aren’t called Halo.

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  1. I play games such as Thief, Tomb Raider, Titanfall, Star wars battlefront, sunset overdrive etc.
    on Xbox one. the reason i am writing this is that l have recently received news about backwars compatibility and getting halo reach for xbox is better than spending a bunch for master chief collection but ’nuff said. My mother is quite against Halo 5 since seeing the advert on tv. i had to go into a full blown conversation on why halo 5 is more violent than halo reach which softened her up a tiny bit. just enough for her allow me to get the game. now for all the mothers and fathers out there, this game is truthfully not violent. its fun and it has splitscreen so no more smaller siblings asking why they cant play. also, the violence is minimal so you can be sure that you children will not be having night-mares and as a plus, the sounds of pain that are emitted, sound comical and cannot be taken seriously (sorry bungie)

  2. Halo should have never been rated M. There is very little blood, no gore or mature sequences. My parents wont let me play because they look at the rating and say no.

  3. I feel the rating is a bit much. There is very little blood, and some cussing in the campaign, however, not enough to warrant a M rating, IMO.

  4. My God Malcolm – It is rated for teens now – Are you happy without any blood?

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