Pac-Man Toys in Wendy’s Kid’s Meals!

You’ll never believe this, but Wendy’s Kid’s Meal toys now feature Pac-Man! I guess I may be eating at Wendy’s a little more often now in the next couple of weeks! Click here to read more details!

If you go to Wendy’s web site, you can view their Kid’s Meal section and it says that Pac-Man toys are coming soon. But I went to Wendy’s tonight and they are there now! The Web site shows a picture of Pac-Man Party for the Wii, but luckily it looks like the toys feature classic Pac-Man instead (Pac-Man Party really wasn’t that good).

I’m not exactly sure what all the Pac-Man toys are, but the one I got was like a wind up top with Pac-Man on the side. You wind it up and set it on its side and it rolls along like a spinning tire. The toy also comes with cardboard punch out standups of the ghosts and bonus fruits. I guess the ‘object’ of this toy is to try and knock down the standups with the rolling top.

It was hard to tell what the other toys were, but I think one is a maze game. Another looks similar to the toy I got, except the Pac-Man is a rolling pull-back toy. And another one looks like the ‘find the ball under three cups’ game, except the cups look like blue ghosts and the ball is a yellow Pac-Man! Since I like to collect Pac-Man stuff, I hope I can get them all!

It seems kind of weird that they would feature such an old game as a kid’s meal toy promotion, but last year WAS Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary, and there were a lot of new Pac-games released last year. Including Pac-Man Party, which was definitely geared toward kids. Plus, you’d be surprised how many kids still know about Pac-Man today! It really is a timeless game! I wish they had Pac-Man kid’s meal toys when I was little, when Pac-Man was in his heyday!

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  1. Gamestop’s rewards program got me a spiffy little Pacman plushie. ^_^- My kids got the Pacman Chase Tags (one pacman, 3 (why not 4?!) Ghosts)

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