Pokemon Mall Tour

During February and March, Nintendo has been doing a Pokemon Mall Tour to promote the newest games in the series that just came out: Pokemon Black and White versions. This past weekend, the tour was at a mall near where I live, so I brought some of my little brothers and friends with me and took some fun pictures. Click here to read all about it!

When we first walked into the mall, there was a kiosk where you could get tickets for a free screening of a new Pokemon cartoon movie. None of my little brothers were interested in that, so we skipped it.

Also greeting us at the entrance was large inflatable black and white Pokemon found on the front of the boxes of the games.

The main draw of the day was a little scavenger hunt type activity. You got these books and had to go around to five different stamp stations around the mall to get the books stamped. Good thing they had a sign that told you where all the stations were! After your book was all stamped, then you could spin a prize wheel and get a goodie. Unfortunately, all I got was a dumb paper visor hat. One of my other brothers got a cell phone strap, but he didn’t want it so he gave it to me. Here’s a pic of my little brother Caleb about the spin the wheel. He was lucky and got a Snivy DS stylus pen. I wanted a stylus with the piggy Pokemon on it, but oh well. Good thing we went early, because only an hour into the thing and the lines were ridiculously long!

There were other kiosks, like one near the food court where you could preview the new games, and a place to sit down and watch the new season of the Pokemon cartoon (can’t believe it’s still on).

They also had a portable Pokemon Center where you could buy all sorts of Pokemon merchandise, but the line was out the mall door and the store was in the middle of the mall! Too bad, I wanted to get a plush toy of the piggy Pokemon.

And here’s a pic of the back of the Pokemon Center.

Before we left, a few of us who had no shame got our picture taken with the piggy Pokemon! Here’s my younger brother Nathan making a silly face.

And here’s me. I bet you can guess who my favorite starter Pokemon is in Black and White, huh?

And here’s the best picture. John is a longtime friend of my brothers and me. I think I’ve made him a piggy fan, too!

And that’s what we did that morning! Even though the prizes I got kind of sucked, I still had lots of fun spending time with my brothers and taking some fun pictures. Parents, if your kids are into Pokemon, I recommend playing the games with them! It’s a great way to spend time together!

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