Game Review: Zhu Zhu Princess (DS)

Based on the popular toy line, the Zhu Zhu Princess hamsters are getting ready for a party at Prince Dashington’s castle. There are two parts to this game: Nurturing Mode and Adventure Mode. Aside from a regal pink makeover, it’s pretty much like just the other Zhu Zhu Pets games on DS.

In Nurturing Mode, you must keep your hamsters healthy and happy. Use the stylus to drag your hamsters to their food dish, water bowl, exercise wheel, etc. Picture cues and spokem voice will help your youngster know what the hamsters need. You can also spruce up your hamster at the princess vanity or try out new outfits you’ve unlocked in Adventure Mode.

In Adventure Mode, guide your hamster with the stylus around zippy mazes to reach a goal. Collect coins, hearts and jewels to increase your score, and search for hidden items like unlockable outfits and Zhu Zhu babies for the nursery. By completing stages, you’ll unlock more levels, extra goodies, and new hamsters to play with.

Kid Factor:

While older gamers may get bored pretty quickly, Zhu Zhu Princess is perfect for young girl gamers. You can’t fail or lose the game, so they won’t get frustrated, and reading skill isn’t required as there are picture cues and spoken voices. Only problem is the game is exactly like the other Zhu Zhu Pets DS titles, so if they already have one of those, they may not be as interested in this one unless they are huge fans. Zhu Zhu Princess is rated E for Everyone.

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