Okamiden Art Gallery

A couple of weeks ago, Capcom and GamingWithChildren.com teamed up for an awesome Okamiden Art Contest with adorable puppy prizes! We had so many great entries that I wanted to showcase a handful of them here. Click to check out some positively preposterous puppy pictures! And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to read our review of Okamiden for DS, too! It’s an excellent game!

Now, if you entered the contest and see your picture featured here, it doesn’t automatically mean you won. I e-mailed the winners already, so if you’ve checked your e-mail by now and didn’t get a response from me, you didn’t win any prizes. Sorry. But there were a lot of great entries so I wanted to show some off for you here.

Again, thanks to all who entered the contest!  –Cary

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  1. These are pretty great! Honestly, better than could be expected as the winners are selected by chance. Thanks for sharing.

  2. very great, 😀

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