Game Review: Marvel Pinball Fantastic Four (360, PS3)

A new Marvel table has popped up on Pinball FX 2. The Fantastic Four board will be available this week on Xbox LIVE, and a little later on for PS3 Zen Pinball on PSN (360 version reviewed here). Join your four favorite heroes, The Thing, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and that stretchy guy (sorry, can’t remember his name) as they battle Dr. Doom and even Galactus on the pinball field (hey the only reason why I know these names is from playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3).

Fantastic Four pinball is a downloadable game and playable on the Pinball FX 2 hub. You’ll take on special missions on the pinball field featuring the famous comic book characters. Help The Thing smash targets. Keep the spinner spinning to heat up The Human Torch. And protect the city from Dr. Doom by using the pinball to absorb his death rays and send them right back at him! Animated action-figure like versions of the heroes and villains are scattered about the table and keep everything lively.

The Fantastic Four pinball table seems a bit more complicated than the other Marvel Pinball ones. There are more ramps and the mission rules are sometimes a little more complex. Plus it’s pretty easy to lose your ball down one of the outside lanes. But if you’re a fan of comic books and pinball, this will make for a nice download regardless.

Kid Factor:

Marvel Pinball: Fantastic Four is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Comic Mischief. But come on, it’s pinball, so nothing objectionable or violent here. Reading skill isn’t necessary, and even though it’s a challenging table, kids will grasp the gameplay with ease. Fans of the live action Fantastic Four movies will just love this.

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  1. it’s a hard name to remember, but stretchy guy is called Mr. Fantastic. Sounds very cool, I’m gonna check it out!

  2. Thanks! I wish MY favorite comic book characters would get their own pinball game!

    My favorite comic books characters are Sam & Max, in case you were wondering.

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