Game Review: Ben 10: Galactic Racing (Wii, 360, PS3, 3DS, DS)

Ben and the aliens from the popular Cartoon Network TV show Ben 10 have all entered the Galactic Grand Prix to see who is the best racer in the universe. Ben 10 Galactic Racing is available for all the current game consoles and handhelds, but we’re going to take a look at the Wii and DS versions.

On the Wii, Ben 10 Galactic Racing is very much a Mario Kart clone. Race as Ben 10 or a host of wacky aliens in go-karts as you compete on crazy interstellar tracks. Littered about the courses are power-ups that can slow down other players or give you a boost. Each alien also has a special skill, but Ben 10 can turn into any of those aliens, just like on the TV show. You can use the Wii remote or the Classic Controller to play, and there are a host of game modes, including Grand Prix, Single Race, Time Trial, and a few battle arenas as well. Up to four can race together in multiplayer.

The problem with the Wii version is there are too many power-ups on the tracks, so it’s more about who gets the best one rather than racing skill. And even on the Easy difficulty setting, it’s tough to catch up to the other racers, but they can always trail right behind you, ready to pass or zap you with a weapon.

At first, the DS version seems better than on the Wii. Even though the tracks are not as visually graphic, they are designed better and there aren’t too many power-ups on the field. Plus the controls feel a little more solid, too. Until you hit a wall and stop dead in your tracks and become stuck for way too long, that is. And like the Wii version, the DS game is pretty difficult. It’s hard to catch up to the leaders in the race, but everyone else can pass you easily. If you love the Ben 10 cartoon, you may find some enjoyment in these games anyway, as they use authentic character voices and settings.

Kid Factor:

Ben 10: Galactic Racing is rated E for Everyone with ESRB descriptors of Comic Mischief and Mild Cartoon Violence. You can bump other cars and zap racers with crazy weapons, but that’s it. If you’re OK with your kids watching the cartoon or playing other games like Mario Kart, they’ll be OK here, too. Reading skill isn’t needed, but younger gamers may get frustrated at the difficulty. Only die-hard Ben 10 fans need to enter this race.

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