Scribblenauts Remix (iPad)

One of the most creative ideas on the Nintendo DS is now doodling its way on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Scribblenauts Remix takes aspects and levels from the two DS games in the series, but does it work here? Read on and find out! (Reviewed on iPad here)

In the game you play as Maxwell, who must collect a “Starite” in each level. Why? Who knows? They don’t say. Maxwell just feels like it, that’s all. To earn Starites, you must complete an objective for each level. You might have to give a farmer three different farm animals, or supply a classroom with the appropriate schoolhouse materials. You do this by pulling up a keyboard and typing any word you like. Then it appears on screen!

One of the biggest additions to the DS sequel was adding adjectives to words, and you can do that in Remix, too. You can make a spotty T-Rex, zombie lion, or pregnant helicopter. Maxwell can ride on objects that you conjure up, or wear and equip them, too. Put on a hat, use a laser gun, or fly with a jetpack. It’s really up to you.

Remix on the iPad really benefits from the larger screen, as objects are easier to see. Only problem is the play control. Like in the first game, you control Maxwell by guiding him around with the stylus, and things worked so much better in the sequel when you could use the d-pad. Luckily, most of the levels in Remix are puzzle oriented, so moving Maxwell around dexterously isn’t such an issue.

Even so, sometimes I still had trouble with the controls. Typing words and guiding Maxwell worked better with the stylus, but moving objects and other things were easier when I just used my finger. It was pretty neat how you could rotate objects and move the camera around with two fingers, though. Some of the problems I had with the play control probably comes from my unfamiliarity with the iPad, however, as I’m not used to it yet.

But if you’ve never played the DS games before, and you have an iPad, you might want to check Scribblenauts Remix out anyway. It’s a fantastic and creative word game puzzler for all ages. And if you want to read more about the Scribblenauts DS titles, click on the links below:

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Kid Factor:

Not sure what Remix is rated, but the others are E-10. Even though the violence is cartoony and looks like a kid’s doodles, you can still create some pretty horrific scenes. Santa Claus can be turned into a zombie, and God can wage an epic battle with Cthulhu! The game is only as twisted as you make it. At least there’s no blood and gore, it’s just silly doodles, and you can’t type in anything vulgar.

Scribblenauts Remix can be considered educational, too. It reinforces vocabulary, proper spelling, and adjective usage. Prior reading and spelling skills are a must, though. And your kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning. I would let any age play this one.

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