Save Leo Update

A dear friend of mine is doing her best to help her sister and her nephew from forced deportation to Italy. Despite the fact that experts have interviewed the boy and testified that it is likely the Italian father abused or even sexually abused the boy (the Father also has a few drug convictions), the Hague Convention states that since Lura Calder (the boy’s mother) illegally fled Italy to escape the abuse and protect the child (the Father has connections with local Parma Italian police and she had reason to believe she couldn’t expect their fair help) the United States must deport the child back to Italy to be with his Father. The boy (age 6 now) is a dual citizen of both countries and does not speak Italian. The Mother, should she accompany her child to monitor and protect him, could face trial and imprisonment for her role in fleeing the situation. As GamerDad I am normally very fair-minded, circumspect and pro-paternal rights in situations like this… but the abuse allegations and the psychiatric evaluation that lends them credibility gives me significant pause. Not to mention the Father’s criminal past and the boy’s fear of his Father. So, with heavy heart, I ask that the GamerDad: Gaming with Children community to add their support to mine and help pressure lawmakers to intervene. Go for more information and to sign a petition. Help Leo Calder. Thank you.  UPDATE: Learn more at CNN!  Erin Burnett OutFront will be featuring this story. Air times are 4, 8, and 11pm

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