Nintendo Toys in Burger King Kids Meals

Currently at Burger King, you can get kids meals with toys based on Nintendo properties. Most of them are Mario related, and many of those have some sort of Wii U controller looking thing to go along with it. But there are a couple based on Donkey Kong as well. Read on and take a closer look!

The toy I got this weekend was a take on the classic Barrel of Monkeys toy. You get quite a bit of them. Here they are in a chain.

At first glance they resemble the old monkeys, but look closer and you can tell that they look like little Diddy Kongs.

They even come in a little box with stickers. On the bottom are instructions, possibly to play some kind of game with them, but the text was too small for me to see.

It’s too bad that the toys are only based on Mario and Donkey Kong. It would’ve been cool to have a variety of other properties, like Kirby or Animal Crossing or Metroid toys. But oh well. I guess they’re trying to promote the upcoming Wii U with the toys. Glad I’ve got my Wii U on reserve! Anyway, here’s what the kids meal box looks like.

On the side is a pipe maze. Even as a kid, I always felt insulted by the mazes on the back of cereal boxes and Happy Meals. They were always so easy you could just solve them just by looking at them. Kids aren’t stupid, folks.

And that’s all for now. If you want more info, you can check out all the toys on the official Web site.

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