Asphalt 3D (3DS)

Asphalt 3D is an arcade style racer that uses real locations and cars to drive. Compete in Career Mode and win various events like races, time trials, one-on-one challenges, chases, and other events. Win and earn trophies to level up and unlock more cars and events. Or you can just drive in the pick-up-and-play Free Race mode.

Controls are easy to learn. Just accelerate and brake, and a button for nitro boosts. You can brake and turn to drift, but it’s not as much fun here as it is in Ridge Racer. Along the track are pick-ups that can help fill up your nitro meter or give you more cash, which is handy for buying more cars and upgrades. Later on, you’ll even be able to pick a sponsor for your racer, which can give you extra money and other goodies.

You can do local multiplayer or download ghost racer data via StreetPass. There are also achievements to unlock as well. While I prefer the Ridge Racer series over this, if you enjoyed Ridge Racer and are looking for more of a challenge, then Asphalt 3D may be the speed you need.

Kid Factor:

Asphalt 3D is rated E-10 with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Violence. Cars crash into each other, but that’s about it. Reading skill is helpful for the menus, and younger gamers and less experienced racers might get frustrated at the high challenge level. So it’s probably best for older kids anyway.

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