Robot Race (iPad)

ROBOT_BOXRobot Race is a downloadable iPad game that plays like a kart racer…with robots! Choose from one of several robots to race as, each with varying skills, and then compete in lap races, roller derby style (seriously, it looks like the robots are roller skating down the tracks). Do a quick race on a single track or compete in several races in a row to win a cup.

Similar to games like Mario Kart, you can nab power-ups scattered about the tracks, like weapons and shields. Tap on the corner of the screen to use an item. You also have a boost meter that constantly fills up. Tap the boost icon when it’s full for a blast of speed. Keep an eye on it and use it often to gain the lead. You can steer by either tilting the iPad left and right, or choose to tap on the left and right sides of the screen. There is also a jump button for hopping over obstacles.

The futuristic tracks have a post-apocalyptic feel to them, and include locations like a weapons factory or “Lost Angeles.” Sometimes you can find shortcuts and make your robot transform and take to the air for a bit of flying races. Unlock tracks and robots by winning races and earning points, or you can just buy them with real money in the shop. The game is pretty difficult, even on Easy mode, but otherwise it’s a fairly decent console quality racer.


Kid Factor:

Robot Race isn’t rated by the ESRB, but I think it’s OK for any age. Even though you can throw and run into explosives, it doesn’t seem to faze the hardy robots too much. Reading skill is helpful for the menus, and younger kids might get frustrated at the difficulty.

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