Ninja Toss (iPad)

NINJA_BOXIn Ninja Toss, you fling a fat ninja with a slingshot and see how far he’ll go. To start, tap the screen when the meter on the top of the screen is in the middle, and the fat ninja will be flung farther. You don’t really have much control over your ninja after that, but he’ll bounce on the ground for a little while, and you can use a special lighting attack with a tap on the screen to give him an extra boost. As he flies and bounces, the fat ninja will hit running critters that look like rice balls. Certain rice balls can help him bounce higher. When you can’t bounce anymore, you can play again to try and beat your score, or go to the shop with rice you’ve collected from bouncing on the rice ball people to buy upgrades so you can go farther next time.

When you go to the shop, you can buy upgrades using rice that you’ve collected while playing. These upgrades include higher chances that you’ll see rice balls holding dynamite or other power-ups to help you go farther, better slingshots, more lightning attacks, and a stronger ninja for breaking through the giant rice pillar people you’ll find every so often if you fly far enough. Unfortunately, as most free-to-play games go, the really good stuff you can buy takes real money. I can’t see this game holding anyone’s interest for very long, but if you enjoy short and quick mobile games like Jetpack Joyride, you may want to give this one a chance anyway.


Kid Factor:

I don’t think Ninja Toss is rated by the ESRB, but I’d be OK with any age playing this. In fact, I think kids would like this game better than adults, because I could see them laughing at the fat ninja’s silly antics. Violence is pretty minimal, as your ninja just bounces along on the ground and into dynamite, but still remains unharmed. Reading skill isn’t needed either, except for in the shop.

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