Cool Find: Donkey Kong II Game & Watch

GW_BOXA close relative bought me something recently at a nearby Estate Sale over the weekend. It’s the original LCD handheld Game & Watch of Donkey Kong II! Click to see some cool pictures!


Here is the front of the game when it’s closed. It has a shiny gold finish.


And here’s what it looks like when opened. Pretty good condition for something from 1983, don’t you think? And it still works, too! Now you know where they might’ve got the idea for the DS and 3DS from, huh?


Gameplay is similar to a couple of the stages from Donkey Kong Jr. On the bottom screen you must climb to the top and jump over obstacles. Then on the top screen you must push the keys to the top of the vines to free Papa DK. There was actually another Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch handheld aside from this one, so it’s kind of confusing.

This one cost 20 bucks at the estate sale, but I hear that if it had the box as well, it would be worth over 100 bucks! Speaking of boxes, here’s a picture of the only other Game & Watch I have. And I have the box for it, too! It’s a re-release of Ball, the very first Game & Watch title. You could buy it with coins you earn by registering games at the Club Nintendo Web site. I never had a Game & Watch handheld as a kid. I don’t even remember seeing them in stores!


I also have a few keychain games based on the Game & Watch titles DK Jr., Super Mario Bros., and Mario’s Cement Factory. I also have the two Game & Watch Collections on DS, bought with earned coins at the Club Nintendo site as well. And of course, I have the Game & Watch Gallery cartridges for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. I highly recommend those. Share your favorite Game & Watch memories in the comments section! Later! –Cary

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