Reader Review: Special Forces Team X (PC, 360)

TEAMX_BOXIf you love first and third person shooters, here is a new downloadable one for Xbox 360 and PC (360 version reviewed here. According to my brother Jeff, it’s a mish-mash of various popular games in this genre. And since he’s an expert on this kind of thing, I’m going to have him review it! Click to read his take on Special Forces: Team X.

Special Forces: Team X is a third-person shooter that is very reminiscent of Rainbow Six Vegas multiplayer with added elements of several different shooters. The game is all online multiplayer (but single player only, no split screen), and as you level up you get more weapons and abilities, like assault dogs or landmines. When building your class you can choose from a few character models and accessories for some customization and you can also give your character special abilities when they are in a “team”. When your player is next to others online you get a “team bonus”, and you can activate your ability to give your team a boost. The controls are almost identical to Call of Duty, and the cover system feels a lot like Gears of War. Although most of the game is just a combination of other games there are a few aspects of it that make it different. It has a unique way of having the players choose the map by letting them vote on each third of it and combining the most popular ones to make the map. Special Forces: Team X may not break any molds or set any records but it can still be pretty fun. –Jeff Orth


Kid Factor:

Special Forces: Team X is rated M for Mature with ESRB descriptors of Blood & Gore and Violence. It is a shooting game, and shot down foes do spray quite a bit of the red stuff. Being that it’s an online only multiplayer game, too, it’s best for older gamers anyway.

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  1. Interesting to make a map by voting on chunks of it, I’m not sure I’m fully comprehending how that gets processed. Is it seamless, or are the areas on the map clearly mismatched?

    Sounds like a fun, if not very original, game. Thanks, Jeff.

    And Cary, are you on Pixlbit yet. I think enough 1uppers moved there, it could basically be considered 1up Next at this point. lol

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