Dollar Dash (360)

DOLLAR_BOXIt’s a race for cash in Dollar Dash, a new downloadable multiplayer game for Xbox 360. Play as a bank robber as you try and nab as much loot as you can while leaving traps for the other burglars.

Dollar Dash has three modes of play. In the Dollar Dash mode, you must collect cash, and then bring it to the getaway car for points. You can lay traps and shoot other players to make them drop their cash, but watch out because they can do the same to you! When you have a bunch of cash, you’ll slow down, but you can also pick up power-ups to give you an edge.

There is also a mode called Hit N Run, where you must wallop the other players with weapons and traps. When you do, you’ll earn cash for points. But if you get hit with a trap or weapon, you’ll lose cash! Finally there is a gameplay mode where all four burglars try and hold onto a safe. Whoever holds onto it longest gets the most points and wins.

Gameplay in all these modes is viewed in a 2-D top-down perspective. Move with the left stick and aim with the right stick. Use the buttons to shoot your weapon and lay traps. Some of the traps include cartoony bombs, bear traps, oil slicks, and portable holes! There are also a wide variety of projectile weapons and power-ups. After a match, you can use your not-so-hard earned cash to buy costume pieces and other goodies to outfit your robber character.

You can play a quick match, a local game with up to four other players, or create your own custom rules and go online. The game is really only fun if you have a bunch of other people to play with, as the computer controlled opponents are brutal (even the tutorial mode is hard to ‘win’). Plus the game really just feels like an extension of a few Mario Party style mini-games. Only get this one if you have a bunch of people to play with, either online or in your family.


Kid Factor

Dollar Dash is rated E-10 with ESRB descriptors of Cartoon Violence and Use of Tobacco. Characters use weapons like cartoony bombs and other silly stuff, and when you get hit, you just fall down with stars circling your head. No worse than a Looney Tunes cartoon. Some of the scenes may show robbers with cigars hanging out their mouths, but other than the fact that this game is all about stealing, I’d be OK with any kid playing this. Besides, what kid doesn’t like to play cops and robbers every now and then? Do kids still play that anymore? Anyway, only get this one if your kids have a lot of friends to play with, as it’s not much fun with just one player.

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  1. Wait, use of tobacco only gets you an E-10 in video games? Movies have at least PG-13 given every time a character smokes now, if I recall MPAA statute correctly (which I’m not sure I do, to be honest … I’m actually not sure statute is the appropriate word).

    Oh well. Sounds fun, although I’d definitely talk to my kids about stealing and smoking if they played it; then again, I don’t have kids. I’ll just stop typing now.

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