Psych Yourself (PS3)

PSYCH_BOXRemember in school when you’d have to take one of those psychology IQ tests and you had no idea why? Well that’s what Psych Yourself is all about. It’s similar to brain training video games, except instead of answering questions about numbers or letters; you’re taking quizzes that test your perception and interpersonal skills. You can download it on the PSN store for PS3.

There are two main gameplay modes. One allows you to take daily tests in three different areas. In the emotional tests, you’ll have to pick the right emotion based on facial expressions, full body language, or movements. Some incorporate pictures or video. Another test evaluates how well you perceive the passage of time or sizes and shapes, while creativity tests let you pick pictures and words that are loosely associated with each other. After each test you are given a summary evaluation based on your results. You can also do the Training Mode where you can practice each test separately to receive a score.

There are two other modes. One lets you read up on the research that went into making these tests. You can also take a personality quiz in the other mode, and even try to evaluate your PSN friends’ personalities, too. Psych Yourself is a bit of an odd bird, and may not be for everyone. But if you are interested in psychology studies, or maybe if you are taking psychology classes in college or whatnot, you might enjoy this title anyway.


Kid Factor:

Psych Yourself is great at teaching inter- and intra-personal skills with the emotion tests. But because of the high level of reading skill involved, it’s best for older gamers. But the game would be a good enrichment tool for older kids who are interested in studying psychology. Psych Yourself is rated E for Everyone.

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