Monster High: Skulltimate Roller Maze (Wii, DS, 3DS)

MONSTER_BOXMonster High is a popular doll toy line for girls, and now your kids can race as their favorite Monster High students on roller skates. Choose from over a dozen characters and race on a variety of spooky tracks in circuit and relay events (3DS version reviewed here).

In the two main events, Circuit and Relay, you choose three Monster High characters to be on your team. There are even some guy characters, so this game isn’t TOTALLY girly. Circuit mode is a pretty standard kart style racing game, except here you are on roller skates. Pick up coffins to receive a standard kart racing power-up, like homing projectiles, mines, speed-ups, or shields. Collect coins scattered about the track to fill up a meter, and when it’s full you can unleash a special skill or attack specific to the character you’re playing as. The reason why you pick three characters for your team is that after a while, your skater will get tired and you must switch to another one while the others rest.

Relay mode is just like Circuit, except instead of switching out characters after they’re tired, you’ll change team members after every lap. There are also Quick Race and Time Trial modes, too. As you win events, you’ll unlock new racers and tracks. While Monster High wouldn’t be my first choice of recommendations for 3DS kart racers, it’s a heck of a lot better than some others ones I’ve played. At least it runs smoothly and has some cool music here and there. If your kid loves Monster High, they’ll probably enjoy this game, too.


Kid Factor:

Monster High: Skulltimate Roller Maze is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Cartoon Violence. You can hit other skaters with crazy weapons, but they just trip up and hop right back on their feet. Reading skill isn’t necessary, and while the game is light on challenge, younger players may need some help here and there on the more challenging tracks.

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