Resident Evil: Revelations Official Strategy Guide (Book)

REGUIDE1Originally on the 3DS, Capcom has recently ported Resident Evil: Revelations to the bigger home consoles. And if you need any extra help fighting all those zombies, BradyGames has you covered with the official strategy guide. Click here for a quick review and sneak peek.

The guide starts off with character profiles for each of the main cast. I do wish the pictures that correspond with each bio were a little bigger, but they do have larger shots of them later on scattered about in the guide, so that’s just a nitpicky complaint.



Then the guide goes over the controls for each version of the game, firearm arsenal, and zombie bestiary.


After that, most of the guide is dedicated to step by step descriptions of what you need to do in the main game, accompanied by screenshots and maps.


Then it lists strategies for the multiplayer Raid Mode, plus a full index of all the maps found in the guide. The last part of the guide lists items and secrets in the main campaign and raid modes, as well as other secrets in the game. These include a handprint checklist, how to get all the extra costumes, main menu goodies, and how to get all the achievements and trophies.

Sure you can probably look all this stuff up on the Internet with a FAQ, but most of those I’ve looked at are very unorganized. This guide makes things pretty easy to find so I still recommend it if you like the new Resident Evil game. There are some pretty scary zombie pictures in it, so I’d keep it away from little kids. But it’s an M rated game after all.

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