Remember Me Strategy Guide (Book)

RM_BOXRemember Me is a new 3-D third person action game from Capcom. In the future, everyone’s memories can be bought, sold, and manipulated. Play as a female memory hunter who can go into people’s minds and steal or alter their memories. Solve the mystery of why she was arrested and had her memories swiped clean. BradyGames just published an official strategy guide that may help in case your memories need refreshing, too!

The first part of the guide explains controls and gameplay concepts, and then lists enemies in detail that you’ll fight. The majority of the guide is filled with maps and tips on how to get past each area.


After that it tells how to get the trophies and achievements for each game. The last part of the guide has an interesting feature. Remember Me has a rich backstory that you can view by gathering Mnesist Memories. This guide put them in order for you to read, as well as providing character bios and large artwork to go along with it.


The only problem I had with this guide is that the font was just a tad too small. Also, keep in mind that the Remember Me game is rated M for Mature.

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